Producing a documentary in a country like Croatia is not as logistically hard as it might seem. For years now, this country has been in the spotlight across the world for its natural beauty and history. Documentary production in Croatia is a mixture between good timing, spectacular locations, and tremendous stories.

The rules of great documentary production in Croatia

When it comes to the rules of documentary production in Croatia, the main ones refer to the aspects any production in any country would depend on. Starting with the locations and the interviews for your documentary, continuing with the logistics for your crew and actors, and ending with the post-production part of the job. In Croatia, locations are coming to you in bunches, one more superb than the other. You’ve got the Plitvice Lakes, the coastal cities like Dubrovnik or Split, the Adriatic Sea islands near the shores, and many, many more places to shoot at.

Documentary production in Croatia wouldn’t be informative and fun without the interviews. In this department, Croatia offers many historians, nature lovers, travel enthusiasts, and experts in most fields related to the beauties of this country. Coming into Croatia with a plan to check all of these features out is a must, as you won’t be able to make ends meet with just some notes. Plan in advance, book your people, schedule your filming days and take care of things like filming permits, where necessary. Don’t settle for a brief plan, but go detailed, all out.

The last important part is the logistics. Croatia is a tourism-dependent country, so things like accommodation and transport are not cheap here. Yet, you do get what you’re paying for. Famous all over the world for its resorts and natural parks, Croatia has turned tourism, and therefore the logistics of travel, into a science. You won’t be let down here.

Where to film a documentary in Croatia

Right, now that you know what documentary production in Croatia implies, where should you film? What are some of the most interesting, yet little-known facts, places, or people of Croatia? Asking such a question would need at least three other articles. But we can make a quick list for you! For example, did you know that Croatia was the filming set for the legendary Game of Thrones production from HBO? The series was shot in Dubrovnik and Split, among other places.

Almost 10% of Croatia is covered by natural parks and reserves. The most famous is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, but many others are worthy of a movie about them. Another thing that’s worthy of a documentary about them are dalmatians, said to have originated here. And don’t just set for the dogs, but reach for the skies. Alfred Hitchcock, the famous director, said he’s captured the world’s most beautiful sunset on the Croatian shores. Now that’s a statement worth investigating, as a documentary producer.