Filming a new movie in Croatia is a great idea for dozens of reasons. With a medium price tag and many landmarks that leave you breathless, Croatia is a true gem of Europe. Finding a great film fixer in Croatia is no rocket science, but can be tricky. We’ll let you know how to find the ideal one for your production.

Where to find a film fixer in Croatia

Where do you start your search for the ideal film fixer in Croatia? Zagreb would be the greatest spot for this. The capital city of Croatia is also the cultural, economical, educational, and technological center of the country. Here many of the video production companies in the country have their headquarters. You will also find some in Split and Dubrovnik, two major coastal cities in Croatia famous for having movies shot there.

To find a great film fixer in Croatia, start by asking for some people at these production companies. Ask for their portfolios, experience, and make sure your top three are having many things in common with your production from their past work. For example, if you’re shooting a movie on historic events, make sure the fixer has worked on at least one history-themed project before that was filmed in Croatia. This way, you make sure there’s no experience gap between your needs and what the person can provide.

If you can’t find a film fixer from a production company, go online and search for a freelancer. Plenty of talented people are eager to help you with your production as independent contractors. While working for their own benefit, these people are even more interested in providing great service at your side. Your testimonials, which have to be good for their benefit, will further enhance their portfolio and provide them with more work in the future.

Film fixers for great productions

What are some of the film fixers in Croatia’s main features and tasks they might be put to do while on the set? As features go, they need to be experienced, as we’ve said, in the topic of work of your project. Next, they should be great at communicating. Not just with you and your people but also with locals, should you need their help in any way. The English language is incredibly important, so make sure you’re hiring a person who’s fluent in English. Both written and spoken!

As far as the types of jobs a fixer might be put to do, the possibilities are endless. Fixers are fixing issues, no matter their sizes and shapes. If something happens with a crew member, they can provide medical services right away. If the equipment goes bad, they can provide new cameras, lenses, tripods, and so on or have the current ones repaired. And if a location suddenly becomes unavailable, the fixer will be able to immediately change it for you and your actors, thus saving valuable time for everybody. Fixers are there to fix.