Media production in Croatia has been one of the most important industries in the country. Movies like Mamma Mia, or series like the legendary Game of Thrones, have all been shot there. If you want to film in this amazing country, there are a few basic rules you should be aware of.

The basics of media production in Croatia

The basics of media production in Croatia are simple. Schedule way in advance, get a good fixer for logistics and do your homework right in terms of locations. Number one, Croatia is a popular destination with filming crews, mainly after the success Game of Thrones has had. But not just, as Croatia has many locations that are worth shooting at. If you decide on filming a series or a movie here, or even documentaries, make sure you schedule your working days by the minute. Every second counts and locations that are famous will sell out fast.

The second rule you have to oblige by is hiring a local fixer for your production, or many. Fixers will help you with logistical features of production, things like booking hotels for the staff and actors, hiring equipment or finding places to repair broken parts, transportation around the country, and so on. Without a good, Croatian-speaking fixer around your production, your chances of running into problems are high. And your chances of getting out of them alone are slim.

Finally, locations are important when organizing a media production in Croatia. Make sure you get your permits for filming way in advance, as some can take up to a month to be issued. Based on where you are about to film, certain prices are going to be applied. Your fixer will assist you with this as well, although you need to discuss the matter before arriving in the country.

Where to film in Croatia

There aren’t many people on earth who don’t know about Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Croatian coastline. This medieval city is the perfect backdrop for history documentaries filmmakers, among other productions. You can shot all sorts of movies, series, even commercials with the spectacular city in the background. The same goes for Split, Zadar, Trogir, or Pula, other coastal cities that are worth a visit. But Croatia is so much more than just medieval cities and spectacular beaches, namely if you look towards the wonders in the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

This place is from another league. Your media production in Croatia, if regarding Plitvice Lakes National Park, will 100% be a hit. Why? Because this place simply looks like it’s been drawn by God himself. More than 300 square kilometers of lakes, waterfalls, forests, and alleyways make up the parks, which attract millions all around the world every year. The main attraction is the turquoise waters, the impressive alleys, and the vast number of activities one can do while at the parks. For filmmakers, it surely is an unbeatable place to shoot a hit production.