Croatia is famous all across the planet for pristine lakes, beautiful coastal cities from medieval times, as well as impeccable tourism. Finding a production coordinator in Croatia is easy if you know what to look for. Here are some key features of a great manager for your production.

Production coordinator in Croatia – how to find one

Finding a production coordinator in Croatia is all about doing your homework. Starting with your needs for this individual. If your production crew is no larger than 10 people, you don’t need one. If you do pass that mark, you most likely need a good manager for your shooting. Why? Because producers and the director are usually focused on the different aspects of shooting. This means the overall process of planning and making sure everything aligns is often left behind.

If you do need a production coordinator in Croatia, start with a filming company that hires them. Look for a person who’s a local, a native but who speaks impeccable English and can take you around the country easily. They should be able to know about filming permits, the dos, and don’ts of the place, as well as other technicalities. A good coordinator is a great communicator, as well as a spectacular team leader. He’s also funny and quick with lifting the morale of the staff.

In Croatia, there’s no room for picking the wrong place to film. This is because all the filming locations are amazing. A good coordinator though will keep you away from the touristy, more expensive destinations and bring you to the real hidden gems. All of this while they keep a steady hand on the production, the schedule, and the staff, actors, and equipment. It’s a demanding job, but an essential one to any middle to large production.

How to have a great production in Croatia

A good production coordinator in Croatia will help you in having a great production in the country of Dubrovnik and the Plitvice Lakes National Park. How? By making sure people are doing their jobs, in the first place. Coordinators have to first and foremost make sure everybody in your team is ready to do their jobs, qualified to take their tasks to the fullest. Next, they have to set things straight immediately, should issues arise on the sets. The fewer disputes you’ve got on the set, the better the production will go.

And finally, a great coordinator has things like legalities, filming permits, and other local businesses down to a knack. They can quote things like prices for repairs and equipment based on the closest large city from your location. Or how much a filming permit costs for three days in the national parks. As well as what’s better to pick from a bus or a plane between two filming locations. If you want to experience a great production in Croatia, hiring a coordinator is among the best first things you can do.