The Dalmatian coast is well known as one of the most beautiful shorelines in Europe. But natural beauty was only one ingredient for its worldwide fame. There is also a pool of experts providing top production services in Croatia. No wonder some massive projects set their eyes and cameras on these lands.

International Standards For Production Services In Croatia

Standards and expectations for Western European countries are high. Especially as their national film industry has developed over the decades. So one may tend to overlook the eastern countries. Let’s take production services in Croatia, for example. It is mostly thanks to some massive productions shot here, that the country gained fame. Stunning backdrops and plenty of experts make it a highly sought location.

One of the most acclaimed TV series that put Croatia on the filmmaking map is Game Of  Thrones. The Old Town of Dubrovnik remains one of the most iconic spots in the series. Its red rooftops and well-preserved walls recreate the city of King’s Landing perfectly. Initially, the show featured locations from Ireland, Scotland, or Morocco. But it was Dubrovnik winning the fans over. As proof, tourism in the area boomed after the citadel embodied the capital of Westeros. And the same applies to other nearby spots.

Croatia’s island of Vis was the perfect substitute for a Greek island. It served as a set for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018), another box office success. Grossing five times more than its budget, the film drew $395 million worldwide. Quite a global impact for a musical. So, the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi found home on this Adriatic sea gem.

Given such collaborations, one thing is clear. Production services in Croatia can easily accommodate large-scale projects. Ensure you get top-notch support and work with us. Croatia Fixer is the local team of media mavens you deserve.

Shooting In Croatia – Ideal For Fantasy Or Sci-Fi?

What if we tell you it works great for both? Croatia has offered stunning backdrops for a way larger variety of productions.

Not only fantasy scenarios or musicals found their matching set here. The sci-fi TV series Doctor Who relied on Trogir’s charm for some of the episodes in season five. The blend of Renaissance, baroque and Romanesque buildings in this town fit right in.

And if you found Dubrovnik somehow familiar, we might know why. The 2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi also featured the city’s main street. And there were only some slight adjustments needed. The white-tiled street already passes the vibe of an out-of-this-world place.

Moving to another category, worth mentioning is Sophie’s Choice (1982). This American drama features WWII flashbacks shot in a studio from Eastern Zagreb.

As for more recent productions, this year’s bringing the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021). This American action comedy also relied on some of the most scenic Croatian spots. Rovinj, Istria, Rijeka, and Zagreb are the main ones.

So, if you plan on filming on the Dalmatian coast or anywhere else in this country, you are safe. There is a wide array of production services in Croatia that can cover all your filming needs.