Why Croatia?

Really cool weather all year round, wonderful filming locations, tax incentives, amazing local crew, Game of Thrones.

Our Croatia film fixers can help you make the most of what the country has to offer while keeping costs down.

TV and Film Production: Locations, Permits, Crew Sourcing

In recent years, Croatia has become a top destination for filmmakers and TV producers. The reasons behind this are its good variety of locations, a tax rebate and professional local crew available at pretty good rates.

In terms of locations, Croatia is mostly known for its coastal, medieval-like cities such as Dubrovnik or Zadar. However, the country also has amazing natural parks with waterfalls and natural pools and traditional villages to the East.

Filming permits need to be obtained from location owners (either public or private). The bureaucracy is minimum and thus the government encourages foreign filmmakers and TV producers to work in the country.

Our Croatia film fixers can help sourcing local crew and talent through contacts and partner agencies.

Croatia Film Fixers for Movie and TV Productions

Fixer Croatia can help you with anything related to film and TV production.

Our film production services as Croatia film fixers include:

  • location management
  • gear rental
  • logistics
  • transportation and accommodation
  • sourcing local crew
  • work permits (if needed)
  • entry visas and location releases (if needed)
  • development of local production budgets

The purpose of our Fixer Croatia team is to provide high quality production services. Our professionalism, knowledge and experience of working with worldwide production companies gives you the guarantee of a working standard that all foreign producers expect.

We are creative minds with a lot of experience and we can help you with the research and development of the material you expect or with other aspects of production.

TV producer, filmmaker or journalist needing a fixer in Croatia? Please feel free to get in touch