Croatia grew in popularity over the last few years as one of the best places in Europe to shoot films and commercials. Hard-working crews, amazing places and very good production costs are all backed up by government incentives. Filming in Croatia is regulated by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), which was created for developing an energetic and successful audiovisual industry.

Fixer Croatia helps with local contacts and knowledge necessary for covering the country and filming in Croatia. Fell free to drop us a line anytime.

Location Scouting in Croatia

Fixer Croatia can provide access to a number of locations for film and commercials.

The popular city and resort of Dubrovnik hosted the production of Game of Thrones. Places such as the Bokar Fortress offer a unique medieval feeling while keeping an exotic seashore appearance.

The producers of Lionsgate’s Robin Hood also picked the city as a primary location.

We can help with location scouting in Croatia and our fixers can get the right permits and negotiate fess.

The Fixer Croatia team always suggests filmmakers to avoid the busy summer season. The presence of tourists makes it harder to close locations for filming.

Fixer Croatia & Crew Sourcing

With an impressive background in hosting world-renowned movie productions, Croatia has an amazing pool of local media professionals. From cameramen to sound engineers, Fixer Croatia can help source any type of local crew.

The rates are generally comparable to Western Europe. However, the government cash rebate of 20% and the lower costs on logistics and accommodation, make Croatia much more affordable than other countries.

Local Talent

Models, presenters and actors with international experience are easy to hire in Croatia. Fixer Croatia can put you in touch with reputable agencies when needed to source local talent.

Unlike Western Europe, local talent in Croatia is generally flexible and works on pretty affordable fees.


Locals and authorities are quite open to foreign journalists and Croatian legislation protects free press. However, libel is still a big issue punishable as a criminal offense.

Local journalists have been targeted by defamation lawsuits, but the country is generally seen as very safe for journalists.

TV and Film Crews

Croatian authorities are generally very open to film crews. Locals are also used for international productions to pick coastal cities as filming locations.

Fixer Croatia is ready to assist with getting the rights permits for TV and movie crews filming in Croatia.

Document requirements for journalists and filmmakers in Croatia

All citizens of the European Economic Area may spend three months in Croatia from the date they enter this country without having to complete any additional formalities if they are in possession of a valid travel document or identity card. Citizens of EEA countries can stay longer than three months when employed or working on their own, have sufficient financial means to maintain and maintain their family members and have medical insurance.