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Filming in Croatia

Hiring a fixer in Croatia

As per our fixer in Croatia, the country has attracted international productions such as Amazon Studios’ sci-fi drama Bliss. It was filmed in Split and the islands of Šolta and Lopud. HBO’s Succession, about a well-to-do New York family, is also filmed along the beautiful Dalmatian coastline. Summit Entertainment’s action comedy The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is shot in numerous locations across continental Croatia including Rovinj, Rijeka, Zagreb, and Karlovac. Let us review some of the advantages that attracted them to filming in Croatia.

Visa for Croatia

No work permit is required here. Although Croatia is not a Schengen Area country, its visa policy is based on Schengen requirements. Visiting crews traveling on western passports can enter Croatia visa-free for stays of up to 90 days. For the US, you will need a blank page on your passport for the entry stamp. Before filming in Croatia, make sure to check the required documentation by adding your departing country and the country that issued your passport.

Film Permits in Croatia

Permitting in Croatia is a very straightforward process. It is possible to obtain your film permits in as little as 24 hours. All productions filming in Croatia are obliged to register the shoot with the Croatian Audiovisual Centre by filling out the standardized Filming Registration form. Most locations can be controlled for filming. It is more difficult to control the popular tourist locations in peak tourist season, but nothing your fixer in Croatia cannot handle!

Special equipment renting info

All the standard camera, grip, and lighting equipment are available locally in Croatia, as per our film fixer. Camera equipment includes ARRI (35 mm and Super 16mm), RED cameras, as well as various HD and high-speed cameras. Grip equipment includes Panther. Lighting equipment includes ARRI, De Sisti, and Strand. Anything additional can be easily brought in as Croatia is an ATA carnet country. For example, you can bring in a techno crane from Prague and Wescam from London.

Cultural facts

There are a few things that might surprise a westerner when it comes to customs in Croatia. Here are some rules to keep in mind, other than always having your film permits in Croatia handy. It is considered rude to tip in some situations, such as in bars and cafes. Tipping only happens in restaurants, and even there, it is not always necessary. It is best to avoid wearing revealing clothing, especially when visiting religious sites or small towns and villages.

Weather when filming in Croatia

The weather in Croatia is mild, with hot summers and mild winters. The coastal regions have a Mediterranean climate, while the interior regions have a more continental one. The summer months are best for filming in Croatia as they bring about pleasant temperatures. The weather is stable and the daylight hours are long. June has days with up to 15 hours and 50 minutes of light. The winter months can be quite cold, with snowfall in the interior regions.

Tax rebate in Croatia

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) is the Government-backed strategic agency for the audiovisual sector in Croatia. They help fund the creation and promotion of Croatian films. Filming in Croatia is a department within Croatian Audiovisual Centre that administrates the incentives program. This presupposes a 25% cash rebate, plus an added 5% for productions filming in regions with below-average development. Our fixer in Croatia considers that its blend of striking visuals and tax rebates has helped the country sustain a high production profile.

Conclusion on filming in Croatia

Croatia offers a variety of filming locations, from historic cities to picturesque beaches and islands. The country’s mild Mediterranean climate makes it a popular destination for filming during the spring and summer months. Croatia has a well-developed film infrastructure, with a significant number of resources available to assist filmmakers. The government also offers a cash rebate of up to 25% for filming expenses incurred in the country and a streamlined permitting process.

Our fixer in Croatia considers that the country’s long history and cultural heritage make it an ideal location for period pieces and historical dramas. Overall, Croatia is a popular and attractive location for filmmakers due to its varied landscapes, good weather, supportive filming infrastructure, and ease of obtaining film permits.

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