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The true extent of Croatia’s varied locations can be seen with the production of BBC’s Emmy-Award-winning crime drama McMafia. As per our production coordinator in Croatia, the country doubled for ten countries and locations, including Prague and Tel Aviv. The party in ‘Moscow’ from the seventh episode takes place at the Mestrovic Pavilion, also known as the Home of Croatian Artists. However, if you are interested to shoot a documentary there instead, our journalist fixer can arrange for interviews with some interesting characters.

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The city boasts a charming old-city look, with architecture and cobbled streets reminiscent of Vienna, Budapest, or Prague. Our location scout knows all the secrets of the imposing Kaptol cathedral, the medieval core of the city. However, our production coordinator in Croatia would like to remind you to stay silent when passing through the Old Town Gate, a shrine to the Virgin Mary. People say her portrait is sacred because it is the only thing to survive the great Zagreb fire of 1731.

Cres Island

Our production coordinator in Croatia invites you to experience the Mediterranean. Take a walk among century-old olive trees or visit the olive oil mill. You can film around the labyrinth of the old town that dates from the 14th century. Palace Arsan houses the local museum, where you can see typical architecture and learn about life in the Renaissance. Likewise, tourists love Moise Palace, the church of St. Sidar, or the church of Saint Mary of the snow – and so will your audience!

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Cres Island


After a long day of shooting you might want to toast with fragrant brandy or top-quality wine from the famous local vineyard, enjoyed by kings. The wine town of Srijem won as many as ten Decanter medals. For gourmets, there are fish or meat specialties in the Danube Hotel, recommended by Michelin. Our journalist fixer can help you interview the family that runs the business. Or capture Kopački rit nature park on film. It is one of the best-preserved floodplains in Europe.


Pula is situated at the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula and is the area’s largest city. Its location beneath seven hills and with views of the Adriatic, Pula seems magical. Known for its mild climate and tame, beautiful sea, it also has a long tradition of winemaking, fishing, and shipbuilding. However, it is also home to many ancient Roman buildings, including a well-preserved, magnificent amphitheater that our location scout could show you. The arena is the sixth largest in the world.



Dubrovnik is an old city on the Adriatic Sea coast. It is one of the most prominent tourist resorts in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik is nicknamed the Pearl of the Adriatic, and for good reason. Our location scouting has identified too many beautiful sites to count here. The city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. As per our production coordinator in Croatia, Dubrovnik is steeped in stunning architecture and sculptural detail. They also recommend the Elaphiti Islands.

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The Elaphiti Islands form a small archipelago with a total land area of 30 square kilometers, and a population of 850. Characteristic Mediterranean evergreen vegetation covers the islands. They attract large numbers of tourists during the summer season due to their beaches and pristine scenery. The 3 habited islands are Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan. The first two are car-free. You can reach all of them by ferry from the port of Dubrovnik.

Our production coordinator in Croatia says that one of the best things you can do is go kayaking around the Elaphiti Islands. They would love to document this activity and showcase the secluded beaches and hidden bays that you can find at every step. Fixer Croatia can help you see some of the uninhabited islands up close, such as Ruda Island and its hidden cave. If none of the above sounds tempting, contact us for additional locations tailored to your needs.

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